08 March 2020

Dear SEO Letter: Operational Resilience Measures


  • All Firms are encouraged to assess the impact a major event could have on critical operations and ensure the efficacy of their crisis management and continuity plans in the context of the current risk environment. Additionally, all Firms should assess contingency funding plans for situations where business continuity arrangements are invoked.


In the event that a Firm invokes its BCP, it is expected to notify the DFSA and where appropriate, notify other relevant regulatory agencies or government bodies.

Notification to the DFSA should include:

  • when and why the BCP was invoked;
  • whether any offices have been closed;
  • the number of ill or absent staff;
  • the impact on critical functions, if any;
  • the location(s) from where operations will continue to be conducted;
  • how long the Firm expects to operate under the BCP and/or the factors that impact on the duration of the BCP;
  • the financial impact, if any; and
  • whether operating under the BCP results, or may result, in the Firm breaching regulatory rules and/or laws imposed by the DIFC, DFSA, UAE local and federal authorities, or any other relevant regulator or government body.