09 Apr 2020

2020 Reporting Requirements


  • DFSA may allow flexibility to extend the deadline for various reporting requirements for the year 2020, in particular those effecting Authorized Firms year- end reporting and obligations relating to various Audit Reports.


The DFSA will consider requests for an extension of this deadline (Requests) on a case-by-case basis, provided each Request is made on a reasonable basis.

The following Reports may be considered:

  • Annual Financial Statement’s Auditor’s Report
  • Annual Regulatory Return Auditor’s Report
  • Annual Client Money Auditor’s Report
  • Annual Insurance Monies Auditor’s Report
  • Annual Safe Custody Auditor’s Report
  • Annual Controllers Report
  • Annual IRAP Report
  • Annual ICAAP Report
  • Actuarial report on general insurance business
  • Actuarial investigation report on long-term insurance business
  • Annual Shari’a Review Report
  • Annual Funds Return

To make a Request, an Authorized Firm should access the DFSA e-Portal and complete and submit the relevant forms to the DFSA for consideration.

DFSA Registered Auditors should ensure that the current circumstances do not undermine the delivery of high- quality audits. Audits must continue to comply with applicable DFSA Rules, most notably as set out in the Auditor (AUD) Module.